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We have developed,  innovative software solutions tailored to clients' in several industries and business needs

Restaurant Payment Solution

We offer a complete package for restaurant customer management & mobile payment. The system manages all day-to-day aspects of the business such as: Reservations, Seating Charts, Waiting Lists and quickly transmits orders to and from the kitchen and / or the bar.
Our Mobile Merchant Payment Solution allows staff to conveniently process customer payment at the table, through a tablet-integrated card reader.

Construction Planning & Budgeting

Our mobile/web- based solution provides significant effort savings in Cost Estimating, Project Budgeting & Managing as well as Labour Management and Tracking. This solution allows for automated progress and budget projections and ensures successful and profitable project completion. The system is enabled with a multi-user mobile platform to capture all necessary site details. Our modular software structure allows business owners to manage stock inventory and to track labour and material consumption. It also allows for detailed budgeting and tracking.
Stay on time, stay in scope & within your projected profit margin.

One Realtor Marketing & Management

The OneRealtor software is an ideal tool for real-estate professionals. The software offers a complete marketing, promotion and sales management package for both residential and commercial properties.
The system is outfitted with advanced Lead Capturing and management tools. In addition to promoting listed properties, our software allows realtors to best position and promote their brand and to collect quality leads.
The Realtor Management Module allows Real Estate Professionals to manage ongoing deals, set and schedule events and reminders, plan and forecast personal income statements, plan annual volume/income and stay on track to success.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions allow small to medium- sized businesses to fully synchronise their physical and online stores. In a few simple steps, our customers can manage and maintain warehouse inventory, and support in-store and online sales with full mobile integration.
These tools allow customers to best promote their store brand, and to advertise their merchandise, which leads to business growth and income streamlining. Online sales are captured and managed by automated response and delivery systems.
Our system automatically analyzes inventory to highlight bestselling items, while predicting future stock quantities and logistical requirements.

Our Products

Please select one of our products that best fits the needs of your growing business. All our off–the-shelf software solutions can be customized to meet the specifics requirements of your business.

About Us

IM Group Australia is a Sydney based software development company formed in 2016 and specializing in custom software solutions.
We develop our products using Microsoft's latest technology and platform to build scalable web, desktop and mobile solutions.
Our experience in software development, combined with a dedicated and personalised customer service approach, guaranties a solid long-term customer base.

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